Ernest Angley, Controversial Televangelist Dies at Age 99

Ernest Angley, an internationally known televangelist whose sometimes-outrageous faith-healing claims drew sharp criticism from many, died at the age of 99 on Friday.

“Pastor, evangelist and author Rev. Ernest Angley has gone to Heaven to be with his Lord and Master at 99,” a statement listed in a banner on his website reads.

“He touched multitudes of souls worldwide with the pure Word of God confirmed with signs, wonders, miracles and healings. He truly pleased God in all things. Check Ernest Angley Ministries website for all updates.”

Angley, originally a native of Gastonia, N.C., moved to Akron, Ohio, in 1954. There he developed fame and a following due to his syndicated television broadcast, which appeared in 1972.

His outrageous faith-healing claims landed him in hot water with officials in Munich, Germany, and Guyana. He was arrested in Germany on fraud charges in 1984 for practicing medicine without a license and was criticized by officials in Guyana in 2006 for claiming he could cure AIDS.

Within four years of his arrival to Akron, Angley amassed a following of about 3,000 supporters. His growing support led him to a lifetime of procuring more venues to spread his word. In 1985 he bought the Cuyahoga Falls television station WBNX (Channel 55), and in 1994 purchased the Cathedral of Tomorrow from fellow televangelist Rex Humbard.

Due to controversy, church-goers who attend the 5,000 seat cathedral say attendance has dwindled. According to USA Today, Angley was a gay man who encouraged women to get abortions and men to get vasectomies. He would also personally inspect them after surgery.

Brock Miller, a former assistant pastor of Angley’s, filed a lawsuit against him after he claimed he had been sexually abused for nine years. Miller quit in 2014 after he said he could no longer handle the abuse. Angley went on to sue for defamation. An out-of-court settlement was reached in 2020.

Former associates say Angley was never the same after the death of his wife, Esther Lee, who died at age 49 in 1970. The two were married 27 years.

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