Knox County Mayor Speaks Out Against School Mask Mandates

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs releasing a statement Monday about the Knox County Schools mask mandate instituted by a federal judge. Jacobs says that even though his office does not have jurisdiction to overturn the mandate, he will speak out on behalf of his constituents opposed to the mandate.

Jacobs says the mask mandate actually hurts many children with disabilities and special needs.

“When Judge Greer mandated this edict, he did so with the intent of protecting students with certain disabilities, and I truly believe that was his intent. I do not believe that he would knowingly cause harm. However, this order makes it impossible to serve the needs of hundreds if not thousands of other students with special needs, and In doing so, has forced the schools to actively violate 504 and IEP plans which are in place to ensure that those students have reasonable accommodations to meet their needs, none of which have been made available to them in the ten days they were forced to sit in isolation rooms or at home.”

Jacobs goes on to criticize the federal judge for not responding to the school system’s request for exemptions from the mandate.

“Judge Greer asked the schools to provide a list of suggested medical masking exemptions for his consideration. The schools submitted that list on September 29th. Since the medical exemption list was submitted, The Court has said nothing.”

Jacobs also claims that the parents who are suing the school system are being financially supported by democrat operatives.

“I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that the plaintiff’s attorneys are based out of Jackson and Chattanooga and their arguments are being supported by the D.C.-based litigation non-profit Democracy First. This group was founded and is managed by high-level Democratic Party operatives with significant ties to Hillary Clinton. People like John Podesta who was Bill Clinton’s presidential Chief of Staff and Chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Their main goal is to advance a political agenda that removes the ability of parents to determine what is best for their child.”

You can watch the county mayor’s full statement below:

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