Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs: “The Time for Mandates and Lockdowns is Over”

In his weekly address posted Friday, Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs spoke about Covid-19 in the county. Jacobs echoed views he had made on twitter previously in the week that he has no plans to implement any restrictions or vaccine mandates.


“I highly encourage you to talk with your doctor about getting a COVID vaccine if you already haven’t,” the County Mayor said. “In the end, these are personal decisions and, here in Knox County, I will do everything that I can to ensure that you are free to make those decisions yourself. The time for mandates and lockdowns is over.”


Jacobs explains his position stems from his prior view of government and its role in people’s lives.


“Americans cannot live, and I will not permit Knox County to become, a place where government believes its job is to micromanage the most personal aspects of our lives,” explained Jacobs.


In Tennessee, 2.7 million people have been vaccinated. The state has reported 1600 breakthrough cases which is roughly .06% of vaccinated people.

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