How Bad is the Delta COVID Variant in East Tennessee?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updating their guidelines on masking, suggesting even vaccinated people mask up when in an area with high transmission of COVID-19. So how do you know how bad transmission is where you live?  The CDC offers an online tool that shows how bad COVID-19 transmission is by county. The tool ranks county transmission levels as either low, moderate, substantial or high.    Knox County currently ranks as “substantial,” the second-highest rank on the CDC list. Most East Tennessee counties rank as “high,” however, which is the most dangerous level. The exception is Grainer County, which only ranks as “moderate.”

The Knox County Advisory Health Board held a meeting Wednesday to discuss Knox County’s COVID numbers and future of possible mask mandates. Officials on the board said they were still “interpreting” who has the power to enforce mask mandates in Knox County. Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs has said he will not impose any more COVID restrictions or mask mandates.

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