More Than 400,000 COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments are Available in Tennessee

There are over 400,000 COVID-19 vaccination appointments available in Tennessee.

Dr. Lisa Piercey, Commissioner of the Tennessee Health Department says more Tennesseans should be rushing to book these available appointments. Piercey says that doesn’t mean the availability is all this week and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re in your particular county but the appointments are going out through early May.  There are new changes to eligibility in the state. More people are added to phase 1C. Now people age 16 and older with diabetes, down syndrome or diseases like multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy are now added. Also, those 16 or older living in a home with a pregnant woman are eligible for the vaccine.

The Tennessee Department of health says they are exploring options to partner with Dollar General to get those vaccines to rural county’s sooner. TDH is concerned rural Americans who don’t have access to big Box stores won’t get vaccinated. Dollar General is one of the nation’s largest retailers that has more than 16,000 locations, it’s about 3 times the number of locations as Wal-mart.

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