Libertarian Presidential Candidate To Speak in Knoxville Monday Evening


Libertarian Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen (via

Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen is in Knoxville Monday to gain support in her “Real People Real Change” campaign.


Jorgensen will be at Lakeshore Park on Northshore Drive from 5:30 until 7:00 this evening and is expected to begin speaking at 6:00.


Message from Jorgensen’s website:

Libertarian presidential candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen, for whom voters in all 50 states (plus D.C.) can cast their ballot on Nov. 3, is kicking off the week rallying voters and campaign volunteers in the Volunteer State. If elected, she plans to make America into “one giant Switzerland—armed and neutral,” and to ensure that health care will be readily available, at dramatically lower costs, by adopting a truly free market model.


Dr. Jorgensen pointed out that today’s health-care system is not actually operating as a free market, because politicians have been interfering in it for decades.


“They micromanage your doctors, limit access to care, and inflate prices. Republicans want insurance companies to do it; Democrats want government bureaucrats to do it. But there’s a better way,” said Jorgensen. “If you could know the price of a visit, or surgery, or medication, providers would have to compete on price, as they do with cars, or contact lenses, or any other free-market industry. They’d offer customer service—not more paperwork. The cost of care would drop 75 percent.” She added that this past spring, if the bureaucracy at the FDA had freed private companies to develop more COVID-19 testing kits, sooner, far fewer individuals and businesses would have been suffering under needless quarantines and shutdowns.


On Sunday afternoon in Chattanooga, Jorgensen is holding a luncheon with contributors, followed by a rally with voters and supporters. She then travels to Knoxville for a rally and more media interviews on Monday, concluding her campaign bus tour.


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