Mayor Jacobs Apologizing After Video Leaked Criticizing Board of Health

A video featuring Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs criticizing the Knox County Board of Health has stirred fear among members of the board.


The video, briefly released last week by a group called “Freedom Forward,” features Mayor Glenn Jacobs talking about the COVID-19 pandemic and regulations to contain it, mixed with images of fire, violence, and police sirens. Dr. Maria Hurt says she’s concerned the video might incite violence, the Mayor says that was not his intention.


The three-minute video was played in it’s entirety during the meeting Wednesday. Dr. Hurt brought the issue up and was the first to voice her concerns. Dr. Patrick O’Brien said the video “disturbed me, it disheartened him, it hurt.” O’Brien said members of the board were volunteers and that, “we are part of the people.” Other board members discussed their family urging them to set up home security and even resigning from the board.


The video can be found below beginning 1 hour 52 minutes into the Board of Health meeting.


Mayor Jacobs says the video was for a specific meeting and was not supposed to be posted online. Regardless, he says he takes responsibility for it. Jacobs apologized for the way the video was perceived, but say he can’t apologized for his sentiments because that’s how he feels.


Mayor Jacobs did say the people on the board are not the problem, but the issue is the power that has been given to them. Jacobs said he thinks, “it’s dangerous that we have unelected people making these kind of decisions.”

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