Some Essential Workers Can Continue Working After Positive Covid-19 Test

KCHD Director Martha Buchanan

At Friday’s Knox County Health Department Covid-19 Briefing, KCHD Director Martha Buchanan explained that if you work at a restaurant or a hospital and test positive for Covid-19, there is still a chance that you could continue going to work.


“All employees designated as essential, as restaurant workers are, may return to work if they’re needed if they don’t have symptoms and they wear a mask,” explained Buchanan. “They’re part of our case count so we are checking on them daily. We’re checking in to make sure that they’re compliant (with the instructions).”


Buchanan says that this practice is not a KCHD decision, but the standard is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.


“This was done in order to keep these services going,” Buchanan continued. “Once again, essential services (restaurants, hospitals etc.), asymptomatic in a mask may continue to work during the quarantine period.”


As of Friday, Knox County has 197 active cases of Covid-19 and 12 hospitalizations. There has not been a Covid-19 related death in the county since late April.

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