UPDATE: Stabbing Suspect Acted Alone, Officer Shooting Justified

April 7, 2020 – Pilot Truck Stop, Strawberry Plains

The Knox County DA says the man who stabbed and killed three women at a truck stop in April, acted alone. An officer shot and killed 33 year old Idris Abdus-Salaam at the Strawberry Plains Pilot location, investigators say the shooting was justified. DA Charme Allen updated the investigation Monday and says they can’t pinpoint a specific motive for the killings.


“I think that what you will find is that Mr. Salaam was a paranoid individual.  He was an angry individual, he was angry at all people in general, he didn’t tend to target any group, any particular sex, any particular anything, really.  Just people in general.”


Authorities say they also found 66 digital writings of Salaam in which he expressed feelings of being mistreated.  Salaam worked as a truck driver at the time of the incident, the DA says they also found two undated writings in a notebook found in his truck.


“Idris want Iblis.  Iblis want Idris. And I will tell you, that Iblis in Islam is the devil.”


Allen says days before the stabbing, Salaam had been turned down in an effort to return to his corrections officer job in North Carolina.  She adds that there isn’t any history of a mental health diagnosis, or treatment, related to Salaam.


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