Coronavirus Impacts Knoxville Woman, Now Living in China

A Knoxville woman, now living in Guangzhou, China, says she’s doing everything possible to ward off the Coronavirus.  Kymberle Kaser left Knoxville late last year to teach in China.  She says the province where she now lives is the second hardest hit area, behind only the Wuhan Province, where the Coronavirus is thought to have originated.

Kaser says she rarely goes outside but if  she does, she wears a surgical mask and disinfects her clothing as soon as she returns.  Kaser calls the situation “crazy” and “chaotic” and says she hopes to leave China in March, but isn’t sure if that will be possible due to a lack of flights from the region and the uncertainty of the Coronavirus outbreak.  She says there’s a shortage of surgical masks in the country and hospitals are wanting to purchase more.  If you know of where masks can be purchased, in bulk, contact Kaser through her Facebook page, linked below.

Kymberle’s Interview with “Yarbrough”

Kymberle Kaser Facebook Page



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