New Laws In Effect in Tennessee

The Hands Free law is the most talked about new law but there are some others you may need to know about.

The Traffic Safety bill says operating a scooter while intoxicated means you will be charged with DUI.

The Bathroom bill redefines “public place” to include a restroom, locker room, dressing room or shower designated for multi-person, single-sex use for the offense of indecent exposure.

Online sports gambling, a gaming commission will be created and made up of nine members, and bets will only be accepted from a bettor who is actually in Tennessee.

Voter registration – This penalizes paid voter registration groups with fines for too many incomplete sign-up forms and criminal penalties for submitting registration forms too late.

REAL ID – Beginning October 1, 2020, everyone must have a REAL ID license for accessing most Federal buildings and flying on commercial airlines.

All these laws take effect today.




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