State GOP Rep Says Wheels in Motion to Ask Speaker Casada to Resign

A State Executive Committee Representative from East Tennessee says the wheels are in motion to officially ask House Speaker Glen Casada to step down as speaker and resign his post.

Scott Smith represents Knox, Anderson, and Loudon counties for the state GOP says, “If he does not do that within 24 hours of the notice, we’re going to be requesting that the State Legislature call an emergency meeting to remove him from his post and to censure him.”

Casada is accused of sending sexist and racist texts to his Chief of Staff, who’s already resigned. Now Casada is being questioned about possible bribery. Smith says the situation is starting to gain national attention and something needs to be done. Smith says, “We have to get ahead of it and we have to show our Tennessee neighbors that we take this seriously and we won’t stand for these actions.”

Casada has made no indication he would stepped down despite losing support from Governor Lee and Senate Leader Randy McNally.


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