16,000 LCUB Customers Out of Power in West Knoxville

Over 16,000 LCUB customers lost power Monday in West Knoxville. Karns, Ebenezer, Westland, Cedar Bluff and the Town Center substations were impacted. Officials say the power outage was due to a “uncontrollable and unexpected equipment failure” within the Karns substation that affected the transmission from the TVA.

The Children’s Hospital Rehab Center at Westland and Pellissippi is in the affected area and canceled morning appointments. Hospital officials said they would not be seeing patients until after 12:00 p.m. Monday.

LCUB crews responded to try and reroute power where possible. They say this should allow them to restore the majority of their customers with the exception of the Karns substation.

They do not have a time frame for when power should be restored.


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